Catechism of the Catholic Church Vatican II Style Part 3

You can see the previous parts here and here. In this final post about my thoughts in reading the Catechism of the Council of Trent and the Catechism published after Vatican II is based upon structure. Being a very methodical person I have a lot of respect for the organizers of the Vatican II catechism.Continue reading “Catechism of the Catholic Church Vatican II Style Part 3”

Spirit of Vatican II: Choice of Words and Symbolism

“Through those documents you hear the real voice of the Holy Spirit,” – Cardinal Zen What is clear, is that the Popes of Vatican II and the Popes after it all believed that the Holy Spirit was guiding the council. Thus, I want to briefly point out the damage caused by using ‘spirit of VaticanContinue reading “Spirit of Vatican II: Choice of Words and Symbolism”

Where Peter Is Website

Here is a realy great website publishing in depth articles on topics devoted to Pope Francis defending this great man. From the about page “The authors at this site have decided to take up their challenge (those who are critiquing Pope Francis), both by providing links to resources from other sites and by providingContinue reading “Where Peter Is Website”

Go Out to all the World and Tell the Good News — Fruits of Vatican II

This post is to bring to you attention an excellent talk given by Card. Arinze on one of the greatest fruits of Vatican II. That of a greater awareness of the lay apostolate. Click here for a link to the video. What does Christ call the lay person to do? What is the lay personsContinue reading “Go Out to all the World and Tell the Good News — Fruits of Vatican II”

Life Site News

I have a lot of good to say about Life Site News. Unfortunately, I also have several warnings about the website and news service. This review covers my impression from Sept 2019 to Aug-2020. First the positives. They promote pro-life views and bring to light many great news stories that may have been left inContinue reading “Life Site News”

Does Defending Vatican II Deny a Crisis in the Faith?

First, we have to decide if their is a crisis in the faith. I don’t really think there is in many parts of the world. In fact, many Asian and African countries seem to have done pretty well after Vatican II. (I will leave the research of that claim to yourselves) Also, coming from aContinue reading “Does Defending Vatican II Deny a Crisis in the Faith?”

Catechism Vatican II Style Part 2

This is my second post on my experience reading the Catechism of the Council of Trent. Since, some have been saying that the Trent Catechism is superior I wanted to see if that was true myself or was that assertion just based on bias. (see my first post here) After a few more weeks ofContinue reading “Catechism Vatican II Style Part 2”

Pope Francis and Vatican II (2020 Napa Institute Keynote)

Bishop Barron has done it again. See video here. He has excellently defended Vatican II and showed forth Vatican II purpose and great fruit. He also shows how it relates to Pope Francis. Some brief notes and thoughts from the video and my own musings. If the Church is Noah’s Ark, then Vatican II wasContinue reading “Pope Francis and Vatican II (2020 Napa Institute Keynote)”

Mercy Towards Traditionalists: A Wake Up Call

This post is to bring awareness to and draw out from fruit from an excellent article by Pedro Gabriel entitled “Showing Mercy Towards Traditionalist”. (see the link here) Although there are many important reflections present there is one I would like to dwell upon. That of not making defending Vatican II or Pope FrancisContinue reading “Mercy Towards Traditionalists: A Wake Up Call”

Vatican II: Church Architecture

Today I just want to mention a brief verbal way that we sometimes use in casual speech that although may be innocent often degrades Vatican II. You know, those times where we enter a church and say, “I bet back in the day before the reforms of Vatican II that main altar was beautiful beforeContinue reading “Vatican II: Church Architecture”