Vatican II Hope Against Hope

Vatican II may look bad. It may smell bad. It may be ugly. (not saying it is but it may be) Yet, it is our ugliness. By being small, great things happen. Jesus sat with the sinners. He had a prostitute as a close and loving disciple. Jesus’ apostles betrayed him. But, they were his.Continue reading “Vatican II Hope Against Hope”

Dr. Taylor Marshall and Bishop Barron: Open Challenge to Dr. Taylor Marshall

In a video entitled, Viganò vs. Barron on Vatican II & Benedict XVI – by Dr. Taylor Marshall Aug 16th 2020, Dr. Taylor Marshall discusses some details of his latest interactions with Bishop Barron. I don’t think the video is a good source for information. I have respect for Dr. Taylor Marshall, he strives toContinue reading “Dr. Taylor Marshall and Bishop Barron: Open Challenge to Dr. Taylor Marshall”

Information on the Heresy of Feeneysim

An excellent article from Fr. William Most on EWTN has relevant discussions for Vatican II. (Linked Here) One of its final conclusions; “Following proper theological method, the Fathers and the Magisterium saw two things: a)the Church is necessary for salvation; b)In some way God must make provision for those who do not find the Church.Continue reading “Information on the Heresy of Feeneysim”

Cardinal Zen and Vatican II

This is just a post to archive some material I had in the home page under the news sections. Cardinal Zen sees Vatican II as a light for today. “Vatican II happened 50 years ago, but it surely doesn’t belong to the past, its light still leads the Church through the darkness of her journey today.“Continue reading “Cardinal Zen and Vatican II”

St. Paul All Things to All People

I Cor 9:14-27 ” 14 So also the Lord ordained that they who preach the gospel, should live by the gospel. 15 But I have used none of these things. Neither have I written these things, that they should be so done unto me: for it is good for me to die, rather than thatContinue reading “St. Paul All Things to All People”

The Consolation of Philosophy – Vatican II Liturgy

“For the condition of our welfare is a matter fraught with care: either itscompleteness never appears, or it never remains. One man’s wealth is abundant, buthis birth and breeding put him to shame. Another is famous for his noble birth, butwould rather be unknown because he is hampered by his narrow means. A third isblessedContinue reading “The Consolation of Philosophy – Vatican II Liturgy”

Sugar Coating Vatican II

I thank the commentator who brought up this question on one of my articles. Pray for me I pray for you. Does this website sugar Coat Vatican II? Do many bishops sugar coat Vatican II? This is a good question. My response would be some questions in return, then a reply. Sometimes the first personContinue reading “Sugar Coating Vatican II”

Vigano’s Stance on Vatican II

This post is just to archive some material I had on the Home Page under the news section. You may have heard about Archbishop’s Vigano’s recent statements on Vatican II. I have deep respect for Archbishop Vigano for all the great work that he has accomplished. He is truly a Catholic man of purpose. Yet,Continue reading “Vigano’s Stance on Vatican II”

Refutation of

I have been going through the arguments against Vatican II on this website document by document. Currently, my defense against their many arguments can be found in the Defending Vatican II tabs under the different Latin titles for the documents of Vatican II. I still have a few to go, but thought I would makeContinue reading “Refutation of”