Was Vatican II Just Pastoral? Reason and Theology

Was Vatican II Merely Pastoral with Michael Lofton – YouTube In this video, Michael Lofton dispels the myth that Vatican II was both doctrinal and pastoral, just as Scripture can be both pastoral and doctrinal. He goes through points showing that the moral and doctrinal points in Vatican II were not just wish-wash but hadContinue reading “Was Vatican II Just Pastoral? Reason and Theology”

The 3 Saint Argument

This is a short argument for thought. 3 Popes who supported Vatican II have now been named saints, Pope Paul VI, John XXIII ad John Paul II. They all made Vatican II a large part of their ministry as Pope. Canonizations cannot be wrong (you can search that for yourself). Thus, holding to a Pro-VaticanContinue reading “The 3 Saint Argument”