100th Post and Request for Article Submissions

We have recently reached the 100th post on defendingvatican2.ca! Thank you very much for all your support and prayers. I known that I have grown so much in my faith since the first post was published. What I am know asking is for others who would like to contribute an article or even article reviewContinue reading “100th Post and Request for Article Submissions”

Donatism and Pope Francis

Is the error of Donatism still alive today? Perhaps un wittingly yes it is. I think Pope Francis is great, but others strongly disagree. It is good to recall though that worthiness of an office does not reduce its sacramental powers or its assistance by God. We can read in the Catechism of the CatholicContinue reading “Donatism and Pope Francis”

The inanity of CTRL-F criticism — Where Peter Is

“This document has 43,000 words. 43,000 words. So that’s a lot. This is—I believe this is his longest encyclical. I didn’t compare it, but it feels like the longest. And I’m going to throw something up on the screen that… The post The inanity of CTRL-F criticism appeared first on Where Peter Is. The inanity ofContinue reading “The inanity of CTRL-F criticism — Where Peter Is”

Vatican II and “weaponized ambiguity” — Where Peter Is

It has become common among critics of the Second Vatican Council to use the expression “weaponized ambiguity” to describe certain conciliar teachings. This expression assumes that language in the Vatican II documents is ambiguous, in the sense that teachings can… The post Vatican II and “weaponized ambiguity” appeared first on Where Peter Is. Vatican II andContinue reading “Vatican II and “weaponized ambiguity” — Where Peter Is”

Respect for Francis and Vatican II

Over the course of several debates I have noticed a trend. Several times a debate will start out on the topic of Vatican II and end with some rather negative comments on Pope Francis. Why? What does Pope Francis have to do with anyone’s acceptance of Vatican II or obedience to an ecumenical council? TheContinue reading “Respect for Francis and Vatican II”

Pachamama Story the Other Side

**** Update Oct 4 2020 *** The video of the event ends the debate. No idols present. Watch the video of the event. (Link Here) Go to 13:20 and listen when the woman gives the statue to Francis and says Our Lady of the Amazon. The Statue was Mary no idol worship. The latter VaticanContinue reading “Pachamama Story the Other Side”

Pope Francis and his vision of fraternity — Where Peter Is

Over the last several days, Catholic social media has been abuzz with talk about Fratelli Tutti (“Brothers All” or “Brothers and Sisters All” in English), Pope Francis’s upcoming encyclical on human fraternity. Naturally, much of the speculation about its contents has centered on the pope’s recent series of audiences, under the theme To Heal The […]Continue reading “Pope Francis and his vision of fraternity — Where Peter Is”

Letter From the Editor September 2020: Francis and Vatican II Chastity

Hello to all our readers and those who pray for the promotion and defense of Vatican II. For the general letter in September I would like to return to a post on Pope Francis and Chastity. (Linked Here) On the topic of chastity teenager often ask, “How far can I go?” What the more profoundContinue reading “Letter From the Editor September 2020: Francis and Vatican II Chastity”

Pope Francis’ New Encyclical

Let’s Prepare our minds for this. There might be a new encyclical published soon. Yes, people will take sentence out of context to critique and cause scandal around Pope Francis. Yes, it may take a few days for Pro-Francis supports to find adequate solutions in line with the faith. Thus, lets pray we don’t getContinue reading “Pope Francis’ New Encyclical”