LifeSiteNews: The Origin Story — Where Peter Is

We all know LifeSiteNews. Their articles are shrill, sensationalistic, highly biased, and frequently display the marks of a fanatical Catholic traditionalism. The titles of the regular blog posts of their editor-in-chief capture the obsessions that underlie their reporting: President Trump… 12 more words LifeSiteNews: The Origin Story — Where Peter Is This is a review ofContinue reading “LifeSiteNews: The Origin Story — Where Peter Is”

Life Site News

I have a lot of good to say about Life Site News. Unfortunately, I also have several warnings about the website and news service. This review covers my impression from Sept 2019 to Aug-2020. First the positives. They promote pro-life views and bring to light many great news stories that may have been left inContinue reading “Life Site News”