33 Days to Morning Glory – Vatican II

This is an Epic book! – Highly recommend. It has brought wonders to my life and so many others. To Jesus through Mary. In addition to 33 days to Morning Glory I have read both St. Luis de Montfort’s True Devotion and The Marian Vow by FI Fr. Stefano M. Manelli. Although I got aContinue reading “33 Days to Morning Glory – Vatican II”

Vatican II and Marian Consecration

Here is an excellent link to some of Vatican II’s fruit. (Linked Here) This time on Marian Consecration and the contribution of St. John Paul II. Sharing is Caring! If you know of someone that could use this video please share. Wait for the next post tomorrow (Linked Here) on 33 Days to Morning GloryContinue reading “Vatican II and Marian Consecration”

Go Out to all the World and Tell the Good News — Fruits of Vatican II

This post is to bring to you attention an excellent talk given by Card. Arinze on one of the greatest fruits of Vatican II. That of a greater awareness of the lay apostolate. Click here for a link to the video. What does Christ call the lay person to do? What is the lay personsContinue reading “Go Out to all the World and Tell the Good News — Fruits of Vatican II”