Pope Francis: Why is he Criticized?

Perhaps Francis wants to be criticized. When you think about it, Christ himself really juggled the box around when he was on earth. I think that at least some dimension of Francis’ game play for a holier church and world relies on waking us up. Thus, don’t get caught up on the do away withContinue reading “Pope Francis: Why is he Criticized?”

Call of Repentance: Fidelity to Pope Francis

Matthew Ch7:1-5 (Knox Bible) “Do not judge others, or you yourselves will be judged. As you have judged, so you will be judged, by the same rule; award shall be made you as you have made award, in the dame measure. How is it that thou canst see the speck of dust which is inContinue reading “Call of Repentance: Fidelity to Pope Francis”