Le Nouvel Esprit

https://www.lenouvelesprit.com/ – In depth articles on Vatican II, which include topics such as hermeneutics and Dignitatis Humanae “The task of Le Nouvel Esprit is to develop a middle position (between radical traditionalism and the view that Vatican II did not go far enough in reforms) that accepts the validity of Vatican II and that it is not a ruptureContinue reading “Le Nouvel Esprit”

De graves erreurs de Vatican II ? — + Archidiacre +

Après avoir supprimé la possibilité d’hérésies contenues dans les doctrines annoncées par le Concile Vatican II, nous discuterons de la possibilité d’erreurs graves dans le Magistère conciliaire dans ce qui est imposé avec autorité. De graves erreurs de Vatican II ? — + Archidiacre + Does a Teaching Need to be a Dogma Extraordinarily Proclaimed toContinue reading “De graves erreurs de Vatican II ? — + Archidiacre +”

Fr. Michael Gaitley Defends Vatican II: Calls it a Rock for our Times

Hope in Mercy with Fr. Michael Gaitley – YouTube I really like this video. He shows how too look on the good side of many things instead of focusing on the negative! He even says that defunding the police is a less crazy than getting rid of Vatican II –Which he calls a rock forContinue reading “Fr. Michael Gaitley Defends Vatican II: Calls it a Rock for our Times”

Indéfectibilité et obéissance à l’Eglise enseignante — + Archidiacre +

Démontre que l’Eglise enseignante ne peut jamais enseigner l’erreur et que l’Eglise enseignée lui doit toujours obéissance Indéfectibilité et obéissance à l’Eglise enseignante — + Archidiacre + Here is an excellent resource on the indefectibility of the church as it relates to sedevancantism by Semper Papiste (which google translate can with one click translate into English)Continue reading “Indéfectibilité et obéissance à l’Eglise enseignante — + Archidiacre +”

The inanity of CTRL-F criticism — Where Peter Is

“This document has 43,000 words. 43,000 words. So that’s a lot. This is—I believe this is his longest encyclical. I didn’t compare it, but it feels like the longest. And I’m going to throw something up on the screen that… The post The inanity of CTRL-F criticism appeared first on Where Peter Is. The inanity ofContinue reading “The inanity of CTRL-F criticism — Where Peter Is”

Sharing Some Resources From obeythepope.com

I recommend all these great article finds filled with quotes from the Church Fathers and true contemporary wisdom. The Whole, True and Perfect Security of the Christian Religion Did the first millennium Church have a higher view of papal authority and infallibility than we do today? http://www.obeythepope.com/2017/10/the-whole-true-and-perfect-security-of.html Did Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint PaulContinue reading “Sharing Some Resources From obeythepope.com”

Vatican II and “weaponized ambiguity” — Where Peter Is

It has become common among critics of the Second Vatican Council to use the expression “weaponized ambiguity” to describe certain conciliar teachings. This expression assumes that language in the Vatican II documents is ambiguous, in the sense that teachings can… The post Vatican II and “weaponized ambiguity” appeared first on Where Peter Is. Vatican II andContinue reading “Vatican II and “weaponized ambiguity” — Where Peter Is”

Defense of Unitatis Redintegratio

Unitatis Redintegratio (Decree on Ecumenism) is one of the most attacked works of Vatican II. Our Defense of it is given here – https://defendingvatican2.ca/defending-vatican-ii/8-0-unitatis-redintegratio/ We answer 8 objections given by http://www.catholicapologetics.info/modernproblems/vatican2/Privatican.htm I hope you enjoy and can gleam much fruit. All in all several of the objections can be defeated simply by referring to passagesContinue reading “Defense of Unitatis Redintegratio”

Mary and Vatican II (Best Marian Content of any Council!)

This is the claim: That Vatican II has the most complete treatment of Our Lady of any Ecumenical Council! And, this is just what Dr. Miravalle shows so well. Check out a summary of his videos from airmaria.com. “Dr. Miravalle explains that the Second Vatican Council’s doctrine on Mary is possibly the most complete treatmentContinue reading “Mary and Vatican II (Best Marian Content of any Council!)”