Scott Hahn and Bad Popes from Reasons to Believe

Some quick responses when the topic of a sinful Pope comes up from Scott Hahn’s book Reasons to Believe. Do Catholics think the Pope is sinless? –No. Most Popes go to confession at least once a week. Peter was a sinner but that did not diminish his authority at all. Do Catholics think that theContinue reading “Scott Hahn and Bad Popes from Reasons to Believe”

Psalm 27: Wait on the Lord – Vatican II in 500 Years!

From St. Augustine Expositions on the Psalms, Ed. by Philip Schaff from Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers. “‘Wait on the Lord, quit thyself like a man: and let thy heart be strong, yea wait on the Lord,’ But when shall this be? It is arduous for a mortal, it is slow to a lover: but listenContinue reading “Psalm 27: Wait on the Lord – Vatican II in 500 Years!”

Sharing Some Resources From

I recommend all these great article finds filled with quotes from the Church Fathers and true contemporary wisdom. The Whole, True and Perfect Security of the Christian Religion Did the first millennium Church have a higher view of papal authority and infallibility than we do today? Did Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint PaulContinue reading “Sharing Some Resources From”

Breaking the Habit on Blaming Vatican II

Excellent video on the other society trends going on just after Vatican II caused many woes. It was not all Vatican II’s fault. Link Here. Some Highlights. It is giving Vatican II too much credit to make it the cause of so many woes. People did not just read a Vatican II document and decideContinue reading “Breaking the Habit on Blaming Vatican II”

Vatican II Eucharist Quotes

This collection of quotes shows just how much Vatican II was able to place the Eucharist at the center of many its exhortations and teachings. Notice how many times the phrase -especially the Eucharist comes up! This collection does not contain all the times the word Eucharist is used -but it does contain the majority.Continue reading “Vatican II Eucharist Quotes”

Overcoming Extremism in the Church: Clerically Speaking – by Bishop Barron

Another video that is great by the holy bishop. Part of the hope of this website is to collect resources on the subject on Vatican II. This is another great addition. Overcoming Extremism in the Church: Clerically Speaking (Bishop Barron Video -Link Here) Is letting go of Vatican II a valid position? What about obedienceContinue reading “Overcoming Extremism in the Church: Clerically Speaking – by Bishop Barron”

Mary and Vatican II (Best Marian Content of any Council!)

This is the claim: That Vatican II has the most complete treatment of Our Lady of any Ecumenical Council! And, this is just what Dr. Miravalle shows so well. Check out a summary of his videos from “Dr. Miravalle explains that the Second Vatican Council’s doctrine on Mary is possibly the most complete treatmentContinue reading “Mary and Vatican II (Best Marian Content of any Council!)”

Vatican II and Marian Consecration

Here is an excellent link to some of Vatican II’s fruit. (Linked Here) This time on Marian Consecration and the contribution of St. John Paul II. Sharing is Caring! If you know of someone that could use this video please share. Wait for the next post tomorrow (Linked Here) on 33 Days to Morning GloryContinue reading “Vatican II and Marian Consecration”

Vatican II Hope Against Hope

Vatican II may look bad. It may smell bad. It may be ugly. (not saying it is but it may be) Yet, it is our ugliness. By being small, great things happen. Jesus sat with the sinners. He had a prostitute as a close and loving disciple. Jesus’ apostles betrayed him. But, they were his.Continue reading “Vatican II Hope Against Hope”

St. Paul All Things to All People

I Cor 9:14-27 ” 14 So also the Lord ordained that they who preach the gospel, should live by the gospel. 15 But I have used none of these things. Neither have I written these things, that they should be so done unto me: for it is good for me to die, rather than thatContinue reading “St. Paul All Things to All People”