Stop and Think Time: When Your Religion is Really Politics

Does this seem familiar? If so, it is time to stop and think. Even being conservative – that does not mean one can choose to be more charitable to a man over the Vicar of Christ (also a man). Trump has done a lot of good for the pro-life movement but this can’t make usContinue reading “Stop and Think Time: When Your Religion is Really Politics”

3 Phases: Where are You and Your Parish?

Where are you are your parish? There is a time and season for everything, but what are you being called to do by Pope Francis for your life right now? Where are you at? Where do you want to be? For myself, there are different parts of my life in different phases. For some aspectsContinue reading “3 Phases: Where are You and Your Parish?”

Pope Francis: Why is he Criticized?

Perhaps Francis wants to be criticized. When you think about it, Christ himself really juggled the box around when he was on earth. I think that at least some dimension of Francis’ game play for a holier church and world relies on waking us up. Thus, don’t get caught up on the do away withContinue reading “Pope Francis: Why is he Criticized?”