The Doctrinal and Dogmatic Problems with the Cassiciacum Thesis

Although, I would go even farther in some instances than this article it is another great resource at defending the faith from Sedevacantist – like positions. The Cassiciacum thesis was developed by Fr. Guerard and says that the Pope is materially Pope but does not have full Papal powers (like to teach infallibly) Fortunately, forContinue reading “The Doctrinal and Dogmatic Problems with the Cassiciacum Thesis”

The inanity of CTRL-F criticism — Where Peter Is

“This document has 43,000 words. 43,000 words. So that’s a lot. This is—I believe this is his longest encyclical. I didn’t compare it, but it feels like the longest. And I’m going to throw something up on the screen that… The post The inanity of CTRL-F criticism appeared first on Where Peter Is. The inanity ofContinue reading “The inanity of CTRL-F criticism — Where Peter Is”

Sharing Some Resources From

I recommend all these great article finds filled with quotes from the Church Fathers and true contemporary wisdom. The Whole, True and Perfect Security of the Christian Religion Did the first millennium Church have a higher view of papal authority and infallibility than we do today? Did Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint PaulContinue reading “Sharing Some Resources From”

Vatican II and “weaponized ambiguity” — Where Peter Is

It has become common among critics of the Second Vatican Council to use the expression “weaponized ambiguity” to describe certain conciliar teachings. This expression assumes that language in the Vatican II documents is ambiguous, in the sense that teachings can… The post Vatican II and “weaponized ambiguity” appeared first on Where Peter Is. Vatican II andContinue reading “Vatican II and “weaponized ambiguity” — Where Peter Is”

Information on the Heresy of Feeneysim

An excellent article from Fr. William Most on EWTN has relevant discussions for Vatican II. (Linked Here) One of its final conclusions; “Following proper theological method, the Fathers and the Magisterium saw two things: a)the Church is necessary for salvation; b)In some way God must make provision for those who do not find the Church.Continue reading “Information on the Heresy of Feeneysim”

LifeSiteNews: The Origin Story — Where Peter Is

We all know LifeSiteNews. Their articles are shrill, sensationalistic, highly biased, and frequently display the marks of a fanatical Catholic traditionalism. The titles of the regular blog posts of their editor-in-chief capture the obsessions that underlie their reporting: President Trump… 12 more words LifeSiteNews: The Origin Story — Where Peter Is This is a review ofContinue reading “LifeSiteNews: The Origin Story — Where Peter Is”

Life Site News

I have a lot of good to say about Life Site News. Unfortunately, I also have several warnings about the website and news service. This review covers my impression from Sept 2019 to Aug-2020. First the positives. They promote pro-life views and bring to light many great news stories that may have been left inContinue reading “Life Site News”

Mercy Towards Traditionalists: A Wake Up Call

This post is to bring awareness to and draw out from fruit from an excellent article by Pedro Gabriel entitled “Showing Mercy Towards Traditionalist”. (see the link here) Although there are many important reflections present there is one I would like to dwell upon. That of not making defending Vatican II or Pope FrancisContinue reading “Mercy Towards Traditionalists: A Wake Up Call”

Vatican II: Church Architecture

Today I just want to mention a brief verbal way that we sometimes use in casual speech that although may be innocent often degrades Vatican II. You know, those times where we enter a church and say, “I bet back in the day before the reforms of Vatican II that main altar was beautiful beforeContinue reading “Vatican II: Church Architecture”

The Spirit of Vatican II: Out into the Deep — Where Peter Is

“By the power of the risen Lord [the Church] is given strength that it might, in patience and in love, overcome its sorrows and its challenges, both within itself and from without, and that it might reveal to the world,… The post The Spirit of Vatican II: Out into the Deep appeared first on Where… TheContinue reading “The Spirit of Vatican II: Out into the Deep — Where Peter Is”