Air Maria

One of the best website resources for online homilies and conferences especially Marian themes. It is run by the Franciscan Frias of the Immaculate.
Positive Attributes
1. Excellent coverage of Marian Topics
2. Vast amounts of archived material
3. Short homilies as well as longer retreats and conferences
4. Videos by several active and popular theologians
5. Diverse themes for any occasion
6. High quality of material and spiritual depth 
7. Some of the best material on Marian co-redemption 
If you have never visited this site, I highly recommend that you do!

For those who do not support the development of the doctrine of Mary as a co-redemptrix this website’s theological bent may be different than your own. Regardless of your view on up for debate theology, the faith and its definite teachings are expressed well in its videos.  

Overall: Highly Positive 

Diary of a Ghetto Priest by Fr. Richard Ho Lung, M.O.P.

            This book is what I call a chapter a day book. You can sit down, read an entire chapter and complete the thought with prayer all in under 30 minutes. (43 chapters with 175 pages of material – including lots of pictures!)

            The best feature and what I will recommend as the reason to read is its ability to make passages of scripture come alive deeply. When I read this book, it helped me realize the simplicity of the Gospel message and how to live it out in daily life. It gives real life meaning and application to Jesus’ call to serve our sisters and brothers.  

            Fr. Ho Lung’s reflection about his life serving the poor in Jamaica serves well to cement a motivation to go out and help your own neighbor. This is accomplished by not only detailing social circumstances, often out of people’s control, but also the humanity present in every single face we meet.  

           I once did a mission trip and got to see Fr. Ho Lung, missionaries and residents mentioned, photographed and written about in the book. I will share that what we gave the poor in Jamaica was less then what we received in love, knowledge, purpose and deepened spirituality. I hope this book gives you a similar exchange.  

​Overall: Highly Positive