To Protect, Provide and Promote the Good, Beautiful and Ture

This website is primarily about protecting the catholic faith from attack, providing a space for the faith to grow and flourish and promoting its extension everywhere on earth. We are particularly interested in protecting, providing for and promoting Vatican II as the Holy Spirit’s weapon of choice for the world’s ongoing conversion. Vatican II will prepare the world to meet Christ at his second coming.

The topics here are not endorsed by any Church authority. So take them for what they are -starter thoughts. If you find something interesting go look up the topic in a more formal or Church approved source. If you find any error please let us know and we will correct to form to Church teaching.

Chief Administer/Editor Bio

I am a born and raised Catholic Canadian with a Polish ethnic background. I pray, sometimes in Latin, work and wear pants. I also eat too. Currently, I work in STEM. DIY is my cowbell and I don’t usually miss a trip outdoors. Apart from my technical degree I have taken several non-degree related studies in theology and various aspects of church life. Please excuse my spelling throughout my articles as it is not my strength by no means. What I hope to offer is a grounded systematic presentation of arguments. 2Timothy, 2Peter and James form a lot of my focus in writing.

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