The Escape and the Struggle

Sometimes it is good just to name things. This is something I want to name and call out.

The fact that sometimes there is a push against Vatican II and its liturgy simply to avoid the struggle and possible contradictions. It can be easier for some to go down into the rabbit holes of sedevacantism or radical traditionalism which can ‘preserve’ a purity of liturgy rather than struggle through working out which changes were fruitful and which were not. Its hard to sit down and be humble and obedient to others who changed the liturgy in a way we may disagree about.

Yet, the hardest part is the agility to recognize no matter what changes are made (or even if no changes were made) the liturgy is only perfect because it is Christ’s sacrifice. There is no place you can go where things are perfect. If you have convinced yourself that the faith is greener on the other side. I strongly encourage you to stop and think about that one!

Like the old saying – if God wanted you to be alive in a time of great faith then he would have had you born in the 1200’s – but he did not – he brought you to earth in the 1900-2000’s. Why – because that is where holiness will be found for you.

So I have this question. If you think that Vatican II liturgy is horrible and you just cant stand it, should you leave and find something else that is better (in your opinion) or should you submit to whatever possible suffering that you may experience from it?

I doubt that holiness is about striving for a perfect place or perfect system of things around us. Just as as schedules and set times for prayer is the beginning of prayer and a start of holiness so too is ritual customs a start of liturgical holiness. True holiness takes on mission, and that is what the liturgy of Vatican II did as a missionary council. There is a reason why Africa and Asia don’t have a problem with Vatican II in the same way the west does!

This does not mean that there does exist wrongful liturgies out there that we need to avoid. But, it does show that escaping is not a great sign of holiness if it is done to avoid struggle and thinking about how it all fits together.

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One thought on “The Escape and the Struggle

  1. Technically, the liturgy isn’t from Vatican II, but just from the same time. Of course, Benedict XVI allowed the Latin Mass to be said again, which I don’t think personally was a bad idea (although you are free to disagree with that), since that might lead less people to become lefebvrists, although, granted, there is certainly no justification for what Lefebvre did. I have nothing against either liturgy.


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