Pope Francis/Vatican II Chastity!

If you have read articles on chastity you may have come across the following questions.

How far can I go?

What the more profound chastity speakers will respond with is, “How far can I go is the wrong question.” Ask how can I be chaste instead. —-and so forth then explaining the positive things of chastity. If you know the power and joy of chastity and its fruit in love then you would not ask how far can I go without it.

Then same is so for Pope Francis or Vatican II.

Don’t ask how far can we go without having to obey them or change their teaching.

Ask instead, “How can I be obedient and love them.” If we knew the power of obedience to Christ’s representative we would not ask how we can get away with not doing Pope Francis’ mission.

My challenge for us this week is to look up the value and importance of obedience in the life of the saints. How much did they obey the bishops and Popes!!!

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