Letter From the Editor September 2020: Francis and Vatican II Chastity

Hello to all our readers and those who pray for the promotion and defense of Vatican II.

For the general letter in September I would like to return to a post on Pope Francis and Chastity. (Linked Here)

On the topic of chastity teenager often ask, “How far can I go?”

What the more profound chastity speakers will respond with is, “How far can I go is the wrong question.” Ask how can I be chaste instead. Ask how I can prepare myself in the best possible way for my future spose. If you know the power and joy of chastity and its fruit in love then you not ask how far can I go without it.

Then same is so for Pope Francis or Vatican II.

Don’t ask how far can we go without having to obey them. Don’t ask how much we can change in their teaching before we are being disobedient.

Ask instead, “How can I be obedient and love them.” If we knew the power of obedience to Christ’s representative we would not ask how we can get away with not doing Pope Francis’ mission.

My challenge for us this month is to look up the value and importance of obedience in the life of the saints. How much did they obey the bishops and Popes!!!

I can recall how St. Faustina and Ven. Mary of Agreda both burned their great works when told to do so. Yet, becuase there mission was a true one God had them write over again. Obedience to superiors can never hamper a mission given by God. It will succeed in the end through God’s own action – not our own.

Thus, if you think Pope Francis or Vatican II is wrong, in fact the best way to proceed is to be obedient to them. In this way your mission will be able to succeed not by your doing which is likely to fail and be wrong but by God’s own action in mysterious ways.

Back to the topic of chastity. For many types of sins, we should put up a resistance and ask God for help. Yet, for sins of the flesh it is recommended to flee and ask God for help.

I am saying the same thing for diss-obedience to Francis and Vatican II. There is much confusion in the world today. If something happens that makes you feel like rebelling against Pope Francis or Vatican II stop immediately and flee. Stop in your tracks, go pray and serve the poor and come back to the issue latter when your emotions or feelings of hurt are less. In this way many of the seeming contradictions will have gone away and the truth will shine forth brightly again.

When in darkness remember that the light will come soon. Make no big choices in darkness. When in light be grateful, and recall how to react if the darkness comes back.

Intellectual arguments are often fickle. We can read half a lifetime on a topic thinking we are heading the right way, only to be proved wrong in a second. That is why I don’t want anyone to be persuaded to easily away from Pope Francis or Vatican II. There is only one rock, that is the Church, headed by Francis – it is not headed by anyone’s opinion if what Tradition is but by a person and group of bishop who interpret Tradition- the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

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