Vatican II Hope Against Hope

Vatican II may look bad. It may smell bad. It may be ugly. (not saying it is but it may be) Yet, it is our ugliness. By being small, great things happen. Jesus sat with the sinners. He had a prostitute as a close and loving disciple. Jesus’ apostles betrayed him. But, they were his. Vatican II is our council -our generation. Were else are the words of eternal life? Will God grant victory to small Judas Maccabees if he plans his own war? Or will Maccabees win by charging full throttle forward without looking back- by hoping against hope? Risk the contradiction. It is not by having the best council that the goal will be achieved, but by moving forward with the council given to us by God. 5 Popes, 3 of them saints, more than 50 years, continuous implementation and promotion of Vatican II by the Popes and what do we have? God’s will. Yes, things may change in the future for a different direction. Yes, the past looked somewhat different. But, the same Spirit animates them all and it is the Present we are called to be faithful too. What is that present calling you to do from the mouth of the Popes? If you don’t like the Popes. Okay – you don’t have too. Yet, still do what they say. That will grant you holiness and your heart will be satisfied. If you think something has been taken away, you can only get it back through prayer and obedience. That will grant the conversion of hearts. If you think Vatican II looks bad. Hope against Hope. Be a virgin who thinks that marriage will preserve virginity. Be a father who thinks that sacrificing a son will grant him back again. If you think Vatican II is not all so great, trust in God – enact it and see that holiness and love will be given back even if you cannot see it.

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Protecting, Providing for and Promoting the message of Vatican II

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