Dr. Taylor Marshall and Bishop Barron: Open Challenge to Dr. Taylor Marshall

In a video entitled, Viganò vs. Barron on Vatican II & Benedict XVI – by Dr. Taylor Marshall Aug 16th 2020, Dr. Taylor Marshall discusses some details of his latest interactions with Bishop Barron.

I don’t think the video is a good source for information.

I have respect for Dr. Taylor Marshall, he strives to be holy and is a smart person, but in this video and on the topic of Vatican II he drops the ball. How much I wish Dr. Taylor Marshall would use his great influence and intellect for defending Vatican II.

I have answered Dr. Taylor Marshall’s comments about Pope Emeritus Benedict use of Today, in his quote about defending tradition/Vatican II. See Here.

What I now want to do is cut to the chase and make an open challenge to Dr. Taylor Marshall.

Bishop Barron has clearly answered several of your objections and critiques to Vatican II on his websites FAQ (Linked Here)

I have watched several of your videos where you make the exact claims that Bishop Barron has so well refuted with clarity and simplicity.

In you video already mentioned your claim that Bishop Barron’s FAQ is like a call center’s response page and seem to laugh at this.

That is far from the truth. The above FAQ is so well prepared and objective that I don’t think you have any answers available to respond to it.

That is why you chose to focus on the quote from Benedict which was a non-issue topic instead of answering Barron’s FAQ directly that calls into question – serious accusations of going against truth – your videos on Vatican II and you book Infiltration.

It is because you cannot answer Barron’s very serious objective responses to your critiques that you chose offer no response. In previous videos you have asked Barron to dialogue with you and talk with you. He has. Not in person, but through his FAQ that very clearly answers you critiques, sometimes using your arguments’ logic verbatim.

Now it is your turn. You wanted to talk to Barron and critiqued him for not responding and blocking you on Twitter. Now that he has responded. In your video, here under review, you say that many have asked you to respond back – but say that you will not because not everything you do on your YouTube Channel is not about Barron.

That logic is unfair. Honestly, saying things about Vatican II negatively is just talk if you cannot answer Barron’s very robust and strong arguments that show critiquing Vatican II to be going against the teaching of the Church.

Vatican II taught using the authority of the ordinary magisterium. This requires religious assent when all the bishop in line with the Pope teach something. If you cannot answer Barron’s FAQ (Linked Here) that proves this, please stop what you are doing because it is wrong.

I pray for you, please pray for me.

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Taylor Marshall and Bishop Barron: Open Challenge to Dr. Taylor Marshall

  1. True, but at least it helps me go through the whole issue. Honestly, I was being led astray by people like Marshall, who though with good intention are making many seriously questionable claims. I am just really happy that Barron made a response. I want Marshall to turn around, he used to have a lot of great content but has been lacking lately.

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