Spirit of Vatican II: Choice of Words and Symbolism

Through those documents you hear the real voice of the Holy Spirit,” – Cardinal Zen

What is clear, is that the Popes of Vatican II and the Popes after it all believed that the Holy Spirit was guiding the council.

Thus, I want to briefly point out the damage caused by using ‘spirit of Vatican II’ in a harmfully way.

When we say spirit as if to mean devil or evil then we are saying that the true spirit of Vatican II was not the Holy Spirit but the devil. The Popes don’t see things that way. When we use the spirit of Vatican II is a snickering or untasteful way we are indirectly or directly hurting its image and the Holy Spirit himself.

I just, want to point this out. If you have difficulties with the church’s implementation of Vatican II you can say that – but please don’t use the term spirit of Vatican II in a bad way while doing it.

There is power in symbolism and at least some of it can be lost or strengthened.

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