Pope Francis and the Pachamama

Honestly, as part of this website goal we defend Vatican II. That also means we defend those who promote it like Pope Francis.

Did Pope Francis worship an idol called the Pachamama?

No. Just think about it. Someone who has given up everything to be a religious Jesuit priest (poverty, chasitity and obedience) and serve Jesus Christ as a Catholic would then go and worship an idol???

I don’t think Francis would have made it as long as he has (end of life) as a Catholic religious priest if he wanted some sort of religious idolatry. There are other places for that were you don’t even get any kickback for doing it.

The quote that is often used to prove it was an idol in fact does the exact opposite. (you can find this quote in many news sources)

“Good afternoon, I would like to say a word about the pachamama statues that were removed from the Church at Traspontina, which were there without idolatrous intentions and were thrown into the Tiber.

“First of all, this happened in Rome and, as bishop of the diocese, I ask pardon of the people who were offended by this act.”

I italicized ‘without idolatrous intention’ to show the point.

Cleary Pope Francis did not think idolatry was going on. So why should we?

I am not at this point going to answer all the objections and arguments to the contrary. Common sense shows that Pope Francis would not commit such a sin. (of course if you are looking for reason not to like him then you might not be convinced)

See articles were Pope John Paul also mentions Pachamama as mother earth in a St. Francis style.

I think this is another one of those things that if you dig deeper after you read the attack pieces on Francis you get the truth which is far from sinful in any way.

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