Mercy Towards Traditionalists: A Wake Up Call

This post is to bring awareness to and draw out from fruit from an excellent article by Pedro Gabriel entitled “Showing Mercy Towards Traditionalist”. (see the link here)

Although there are many important reflections present there is one I would like to dwell upon. That of not making defending Vatican II or Pope Francis a warzone.

The Church is one, when we start drawing up camps and labeling people conservative or liberal, traditionalists or pro-Francis we are headed in the wrong direction. The Church is becoming even more polarized as Catholicism is getting divided along political lines.

As the article states “Pope Francis brings a perfect antidote to this way of thinking. Time and time again, he has warned us against turning Christianity into an ideology. By trying to reach out to the spiritual peripheries, he is indeed urging us to resist this sectarian, combative, and unmerciful view of the Church.

Just as the critique of traditionalists can sometimes be made that they lash out uncharitably against Francis and opposing camps, the same can and has been done by pro-Francis or Vatican II supports at others simply because they are traditionally minded.

The path forward is not through division, but through listening, mercy and understanding. Just because someone holds a different opinion does not mean we need to label them and shut them down completely.

Defending Vatican II is not about defeating enemies and making the Church into a warzone. That is why our website has chosen the Promote, Provide, Protect motto. Protecting Vatican II where needed with charity, but also spend time Promoting and Providing for the message by implementing it in your own lives and families. That is the key, the message of Vatican II will get a lot stronger when we take it seriously in our lives rather than trying to quash out others of differing views.

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