The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity

How Modern Culture is Robbing Billions of People of Happiness: by Matthew Kelly

This is an excellent book that really gets Catholicism.

What is happiness? What program is going to get you their? Holiness. And how do you be holy? Simply, daily small acts of holiness. That all you have to do. Little tiny gestures of love to God in your daily actions. This was the lesson of St. Therese the little flower and also this book.

I won’t give away the lie per say, but you might be able to guess that it has to do with what we view our chances at being holy are. In fact – they are pretty good if we keep it simple, like daily small actions.

Without giving away anymore, the above paragraph sums up the message. In a true Matthew Kelly style, he gets us motivated and provides practical ways to set in action what he writes about. With an accessible writing style and short chapters this book is perfect for a daily or weekly read.

Overall: Highly Recommended

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