Death of Judas: Vatican II Moving Forward not Looking Back

We are talking Maccabees here.

1 Mac 9:11-18 “Then the army of Bacchides marched out from the camp and took its stand for the encounter. The cavalry was divided into two companies, and the slingers and the archers went ahead of the army, as did all the chief warriors. Bacchides was on the right wing. Flanked by the two companies, the phalanx advanced to the sound of the trumpets; and the men with Judas also blew their trumpets. The earth was shaken by the noise of the armies, and the battle raged from morning until evening.

Judas saw that Bacchides and the strength of his army were on the right; then all the stouthearted men went with him, and they crushed the right wing, and he pursued them as far as Mount Azotus. When those on the left wing saw that the right wing was crushed, they turned and followed close behind Judas and his men. The battle became desperate, and many on both sides were wounded and fell.  Judas also fell, and the rest fled.”

After so many impossible battles won with God’s help Judas dies from a rather simple maneuver. Although not certain from the text the New Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture gives the following analysis. The right side of the opposing forces retreat tricking Judas into advancing which allows for the left opposing side to then encircle him.

It serves as a warning to myself. As many battles as I win, it is always the basics that matter. Prayer, sacraments, faith in Christ, good deeds, alms, sacrifice, obedience, family and a pursuit of holiness and virtue.

What I hope this website and my posts due is not win many great debates or cause me to focus on the external arguments going on. Pray that this website may find those seeking words of clarity and encouragement in the faith because others have shaken their belief in Vatican II rather than those seeking to debate. This is a way for me to give back to others at a basic level. I don’t particularly want this to become anything else or a substitute for my prayers or basic acts of holy living throughout the day.

I encourage all Vatican II defenders to also not get caught up in the debates, but let us continue moving forwards promoting and enacting Vatican II rather than getting to caught up in looking backwards to post conciliar debates with modernists and traditionalist. We are at a great time in history, lets not go backwards or start to look inwards again. Be not afraid!

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