Call of Repentance: Fidelity to Pope Francis

Matthew Ch7:1-5 (Knox Bible) “Do not judge others, or you yourselves will be judged. As you have judged, so you will be judged, by the same rule; award shall be made you as you have made award, in the dame measure. How is it that thou canst see the speck of dust which is in thy brother’s eye, and art not aware of the beam which is in thy own? By what right wilt thou say to thy brother, Wait let me rid thy eye of that speck, when there is a beam all the while in thy own? Thou hypocrite, tale the beam out of thy own eye first, and so thou shalt have clear sight to rid thy brother’s of the speck.

I repent and confess my sorrow for all of my actions that have called into question any action of Pope Francis. I was lead astray. For he is the rock and it was not my place, nor was it just or right to question his actions. For how much of the story did I ever know, and how much faith should I have had in God’s chosen servant of servants. It was a waste of my time to criticize him which I could have spent following his example. Forgive me Christ. Pope Francis, I know that you have set a great example of not judging and will seek to follow it more closely.

Feel free to comment your own repentance and fidelity to Pope Francis.

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