The Watches of the Passion by Fr. Gallwey Vol.II

This is an older book in the public domain (freely available at What is wonderful about the work is the detailed and meaningful reflections about our Lord’s passion. Although, the author does use his imagination to come up with the minor details never is the reader left reading about a phantasy world without real life application. One does not have to agree with every character portrait or the author’s musing about personal motivations to get something out of the work. The trains of thought evoked bring about reflection on some of the most important Christian themes. The author does well to tie in scripture abundantly throughout the work in very thought inducing manners. For me it was a way to deeper understand the redemptive value of suffering when united with Christ. The book is long at over 700 pages, but is broken into hundreds of small subsections and major scenes. It is something I would read sections of rather than the whole thing at different times in my life.

Overall Positive to Highly Positive

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